Everyone whether it be a man or woman, they are too busy in their life these days.It does not matter whether they are working or not. If they are home makers also , people are busy with their own stuff.

Modern world , new inventions , growing technology has given so many new tools to the world that are not much expensive.Normally we think that we want this stuff or that stuff for our use but sometimes it’s either costly or sometimes not available. Infact , even I try to visualize my kitchen to have all necessary stuff which will ease my work or will look great in my kitchen.

So to reduce your time in the kitchen at least where you have to spend at least 1-2 hours in morning,afternoon and night for making food, here I am going to list out a few of the items which will ease your work in the kitchen and make it quick as well.

Here is the list-

  1. Greasing Brush
  2. Multi Functional Portable Juicer Mixer
  3. Portable Mini Chopper Jar
  4. Power Free Hand Blender And Beater
  5. Electric Foam Maker and Beater
  6. Silicon Lids
  7. Omelette Mould Ring
  8. Steamer Basket
  9. Serving Box with Compartments and Mobile Phone Holder
  10. Fruit/Vegetable Container with Net Cover
  11. Kitchen Sink Organizer
  12. Washed utensil Strainer/Container
  13. Cleaning Scrub gloves
  14. Sponge wipe
  15. Apple cutter
  16. Vegetable knife cutter
  17. Strainer
  18. Oil strainer
  19. Kitchen cabinet to keep over microwave
  20. Popsicle Mould

Greasing Brush

Oil/Ghee is one of the food essentials which we use for making all kinds of food. But excess use of it leads to high cholesterol. So we need to control it  as now-a-days physical activities are less. This is my personal experience.    

greasing brush

Multi Functional Portable Juicer Blender

This portable juicer blender is just awesome.It is rechargeable, you can charge it with your normal phone charger. In the box you will get a charging cable as well. It is easy to clean. You can use it as a mini portable juicer , bottle , blender and mixer. In fact I am using this multipurpose portable blender and juicer too. And this is my personal experience.

multipurpose portable blender

Portable Mini Chopper by Pigeon

It is one of the handy and portable mini chopper. It is easy to use. You can chop vegetables and fruit as well by just pulling a string. No electricity charging aur battery required for it. This is my personal experience in a few seconds only vegetables and fruits will be chopped finely. It comes in different sizes as well – medium , large and extra large.

greasing brush

Power Free Hand Blender and Beater

These power free hand blender and beater is easy to use and portable as well. It doesn’t need any kind of charging whether it be by electricity or battery. It is a power free hand blender. It is durable, easy to clean and store. 

If you are looking for a blender and beater which is long lasting and don’t want to spend more then this is the right one. It is cheap and long lasting and easy to use as well.

power free hand blender

Electric Foam Maker and Beater 

Above , you have seen multiple beaters whether it be power free or chargeable. But here is one of the beaters which will make foam to your drinks as well. It will make foam on your coffee , shakes or any other drink in just a few seconds. You can use it as an egg beater as well. Just need a battery to put in it.

In fact , I am using this as well. Your foam is just a button away .

power free hand blender

Silicone Lid Set, Silicon lids for Containers

So guys… we have so many boxes in our kitchen either with lid or without lids. But when it comes to keeping something in a box and it doesn’t spill out we search for a lid which most of the time we didn’t get. So here is the most useful stuff for our kitchen and to keep our food boxes or items safe , that is – Silicon Lids. 

Trust me guys , it is one of the useful things you want in your kitchen. It is not very costly. It is reusable. Also can be cleaned easily , flexible and durable as well.

In fact , you know , you can use it as a box lid/cover or to cover the half used or cutted fruit/vegetable.

silicon lids

Omellete Mould Rings

Thinking of throwing a kids party or your kid is making you worried about their eating unhealthy habits. Then you should give a try to this mould ring for sure. There will be a set of 4 mould rings. It stated as an omelette mould ring but you can make pancakes , parathas , omelette , puri etc using these moulds and I am sure that because of its shape your kid will have food easily while playing. Try this out.

silicon lids

Steamer Basket

Are you a momo fan? Then this is the right steamer basket you are looking for for making momos.

Also if you want to eat steamed vegetables or chicken , you can use this steam basket for that as well. Especially for working people who don’t have much time to spend in cooking, then you can cook dal and rice together using this steamer basket. You can boil eggs as well.  

It’s a multipurpose steamer basket , used for steaming multiple things and will save your time as well

silicon lids

Serving Box with Compartments and Mobile Phone Holder

Ever thought of keeping the same category of stuff together either be a spice or snacks or dry fruits or etc. Then you must buy this box having 5 compartments and on the top there is a small compartment too. The top small slot , you can use it as a mobile phone holder. It’s like a cherry on top of a cake.It is handy and easy to open.

silicon lids

Fruit/Vegetable Container with Net Cover

It is a plastic basket with net cover on it. It will keep flies away from your fruits and vegetables especially in the rainy season. You can also use it to keep cooked food inside it to keep flies away.

silicon lids

Multiple Kitchen Sink Organizer

This is one of the compact kitchen sink organizers which can be used in the bathroom as well. You can hang it on a tap. If your stuff will have any excess water , it will rinse out. It will have 2 slots to keep the brush or sponge.

silicon lids

These is one of the other kitchen sink organizer which is usually kept at the side of washing sink.It has a suction pad beneath it which helps it to get stuck on the surface easily.The left over excess water will rinse off easily as it has spaces in the tray.

silicon lids

This is one other pattern of kitchen sink organizer . It has ample amount of space to keep all the necessary things which you want to keep near to your sink. It also has a space either to hand a wet scrotch pad or a cleaning cloth. It also have holes in it so that excess water can be get ridden of.

silicon lids

Washed Utensil Container/Keeper/Strainer

Normally , we have a big basket where we keep our utensils just after washing. But it is not possible to keep that big basket on the kitchen platform for every now and then while washing small utensils like cups , spoons etc. So here is the one compact and useful basket which you can keep just next to your sink. For sure , it will not occupy much space. Also , on top of it , it has a plate below it which will accumulate the water from the utensils and it will flow directly to the sink. That leads to no water spreading on your kitchen platform

Personally , I used to get irritated because of excess spreading of water after washing utensils but now it’s easy and simple to keep washed utensils on the kitchen platform.

silicon lids

Silicone Latex-Free Scrub Cleaning Gloves

Those are silicone dishwashing gloves which are good to use by people having arthritis problems. Those are soft silicon gloves . It can be used for washing your car as well.

silicon lids

Scrotch Brite Sponge Wipes

Personally, I suggest everyone to use this kind of sponge wipes to clean your kitchen as it will be hygienic , easy to clean and reusable. Also it has an advantage that it dries faster than a cloth. In the rainy season or winter season you won’t get irritated by your cleaning cloth not getting dried up. 

Most importantly , you can use it to wipe your utensils as well.

silicon lids

Apple Cutter

Apple cutter is one of my favourite tools because it will help me to cut all the apple slices of the same size that too in one go. It is handy as well. We can take it anywhere if going for a trip.

silicon lids

Multiple Vegetable Cutter/Chops

This is one of the unique styles of vegetable knife which is used for cutting,slicing and chopping. We normally have issues while cutting with a normal kind of knife that sometimes we get cuts on our fingers. But this is not the case with this type of knife. It is easy to use and clean. Even the blades are sharp too.

silicon lids

This is one other kind of scissors which is good for cutting vegetable as it has 5 blades. It is good for cutting leafy vegetables. You can also cut other vegetables as well. It will cut everything of same size.It is easy to use and clean. It will for sure save your time.

silicon lids

Vegetable/Pulses Strainer

We do have different types of strainers at our home. While washing with our normal strainer we need to be careful so that the food particles don’t get thrown away with water.  But this is a combination of bowl and strainer. You can use it for washing vegetables , pulses or rice then rinse it off easily too. It is easy to use and clean.

silicon lids

Oil Strainer

We use different type of strainers for making puri , pakoras etc but here we have a new pattern of oil strainer which is better than the previous strainers which we had used. The only drawback we had using this oil strainer is we can pick only one at a time.

silicon lids

Cabinet to keep over Microwave

Normally people used to keep multiple stuff on microwave but its better to use a microwave cabinet. It will provide you with more space to keep your stuff. Also in a good arranged manner.

silicon lids

Popsicle Mould

Want to feed your kid all kinds of fruits? So this is one of the best tools you can use. It is a popsicle mould or you can say ice cream mould. You can make various kind of popsicles using this and for sure your kids are going to love it as kids are crazy for different color foods.

silicon lids